Recruitment of new members and retention of members are two functions that require thought and planning. Both are extremely important to CAP's growth and development. Our members’ assets are the talent, expertise, and resources of our Wing, Group and squadrons. Recruiting and retaining the best talent can only improve our value and effectiveness. When you have the opportunity.. tell our story! CAP must have a viable membership sturcture to meet the obligations related to our service in the Mission for America.

The nuts and bolts of recruiting and retention has to be at the Squadron/Flight level. This is an on going activity that never stops. Commanders at all levels msut emphasize that recruiting and retention are the responsibility of all members of the Civil Air Patrol. CAP membership has to demonstrate to our local communities that they are an important organization that provides service and activities to fulfill various needs. Commanders are encouraged to plan relevant and interesting activities for their unit, ensure that all members have a purpose for belonging to CAP such as having a function in the unit, to train for participation in missions and to grow in CAP through individual professional development opportunities.

The Recruiting and Retention program includes activities designed to make the Civil Air Patrol missions and activities attractive to the public and Civil Air Patrol’s current membership. The overall goal is to persuade and ensure that membership in Civil Air Patrol is worthy of the prospective, active, and inactive member’s time and commitment.

We must ensure there is adequate
ACCESSIBILITY – Are we sharing resources and collaborating within our Group structure to ensure that RR is incorporated with all events?
BRAND RECOGNITION – Are we aggressively marketing the Civil Air Patrol brand through public events and education?
COMMUNICATION – Is every squadron communicating to the public and to key constituencies CAP’s congressionally mandated missions of Emergency Services, Aerospace Education and Cadet Programs?
EDUCATION – Are we striving to maintain training levels to ensure all RROs are equipped with the information necessary to be successful?
MDWG Recruiting Drive

Participate in the Maryland Wing recruiting drive and win a free annual CAP membership!  One member (cadet or senior) in each group who recruits the most members (cadet or senior) each quarter will earn a free membership renewal for the next year.  Winners announced in March, June, September, and December.
  • Share Civil Air Patrol with your friends and family
  • Hold a recruiting drive at your school
  • Help grow your squadron and Maryland Wing
  • Hold a competition in your squadron
  • Post on your social media
  • Win a one-year membership renewal!

Recruitment and Retention Resources:

Recruiter's Online Tool Kit

Tools to Help You Recruit and Retain Members For Civil Air Patrol

Five Stages          Community Involvement          Pointers

Frequently Asked Questions          Tips         Tools         Member Kits

Membership development is a core process that impacts and is impacted by all program areas within the association.  The success of every publication, program, activity, and event depends, in some way, on a strong, informed, and active membership.  By the same token, membership development products and services contribute to overall member satisfaction.

Principles of Successful Membership Development

Both an organization’s greatest strength and its greatest potential lie within its membership. Every member possesses unique skills, talents, abilities, and expertise that can contribute to the organization. The focus of the membership development process is the development of the member. The organization serves as a vehicle for members to achieve their personal and professional goals. The goal of any organization is to identify, tap, and cultivate member potential. Membership development is a process that cuts across all program and administrative areas of the organization. Every association function impacts and is affected by the membership development process. Everyone should contribute in some way to membership development.
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